Wayne Donnelly - Hypno-Comedian
Saturday 16 November
Only $25!
Tickets on sale now from the Bar.

Have you ever wondered if a person could be hypnotised to commit a crime? And then be hypnotised to forget it all? Does being hypnotised mean you're in thrall forever? What about the "clucking like a loony chook" part?

Wayne Donnelly - Hypno Comedian is the ultimate form of entertainment: you and your friends can become the stars of the show in a safe, tasteful and, above all, unforgettable way. Or you could simply choose to watch the on-stage antics! Whichever you prefer, you'll be thinking and talking about your experience long after the curtain falls... Audience members don't have to worry about being plucked out and forced to take part, either: "No one gets picked randomly - audience members get 'tested' for their ability to focus and can volunteer as they wish."

Hypnotist Wayne Donnelly's show explores the mysteries and conspiracy theories around mind control, using his skills on willing volunteers and audience members ready to take a chance on their own subconscious. Wayne delves into much-debated scenarios such as the Kennedy assassination and the notorious "Lizard People" that some believe surround us, combining these real-life stories with a good dose of drama and comedy. But no, embarrassing poultry episodes are not on the menu! "That's a cliché from the old days," laughs Wayne... Although some audience members have been known to ask for it on occasion!

Wayne has been entrancing audiences across Australia, honing his skills and creating new routines and experiences along the way. "This show illustrates the plasticity of reality, and how your perception of reality can be changed... It highlights the wonder of the mind, but also asks the question: how would your life be if you could harness your mind to improve it?"

Wayne is a master hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner whose journey with mind control started in 2008, after a series of hard knocks pushed him to delve deeper into the power of the mind. Not only does this father-of-three provide loads of laughs on stage, he's also a qualified hypnotherapist who supports people to change their behaviour for the better, whether it's helping smokers to quit, overweight people to develop healthier habits or encouraging emotional resilience.

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